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We work with clients in the fitness & spa industries that use Mindbody as their primary POS system. We have extensive experience in the Mindbody platform and ways to integrate it into landing pages and websites seamlessly. We do all of the work. You will be up and running in no time without any confusion, stress, or frustration.
Running your business is hard enough!

Integrating 3rd party add-ons and getting everything to work correctly can become an organizational nightmare for many fitness studio or spa owners. We take the confusion out of integrating MINDBODY Online booking software on your website, tablets and mobile devices.

MINDBODY Online can make it easy for your clients to book classes, services and appointments anytime, and helps you stay connected with your clients.


Healcode has recently been acquired by Mindbody, but we were one of their most successful experts.

Healcode consists of 7 different customizable widgets that speak to MINDBODY. Each widget can be embedded onto your website and/or Facebook page, and goes to work for you immediately by communicating with your MINDBODY account to ensure the information it displays is up to date to your customers. You can also make multiples of all widgets to configure them for different purposes.

Click below to see how we integrated Healcode widgets on Enso Yoga’s website, through the schedule feed on the homepage, and full width class program on the schedule page.

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We have an exclusive relationship with WPEngine, a platform that offers amazing Wordpress managed hosting solutions. Contact us for exclusive pricing discounts and top notch support!

Mailchimp Experts Program

We’re one of Mailchimp’s most popular experts in Canada. Clients constantly rely on us to send their promotional campaigns, as such we’ve developed magical skills in the mailchimp world. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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