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We’ve compiled a list of questions that most of our clients ask us. If you don’t find the question you’re looking for here, click on the button below!

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Glad you asked! We decided to shift from the original business model of design studios to a more ‘service as a product’ business model. Why you ask?

Well, for starters, we wanted our prices to be transparent so that everyone can see which service fits their budget! It also allows us less time for quoting and invoicing and all that stuff no body likes to do, that adds to our overhead. We prefer to use that extra time designing and developing!

Additionally, you can really explore our all our services in detail without having to email us (for all those introverts out there, I know how you feel!).

Of course! Please browse through all our services before scheduling a call with us, so that you are familiar with all our offerings and prices. You can schedule a call by sending us a message on our contact form with your preference time for a call. We can go through everything with you on the phone so you’re comfortable working with us.

We don’t publish our phone number on the website due to the high amount of spam calls we receive. Rest assured, we’re real people! Get in touch on the contact form, and we’ll call you back!

Due to our heavy workload and constant traveling, we might not be able to meet with you in person. However, it really depends! We are currently located in Malta. But if you are not in this beautiful island, we can always schedule a video call on skype, and you can continue wearing your pyjamas bottoms 🙂

Of course! Our team has the capability to design and develop complex projects with lots of functionality. We can’t possibly add all the different things we do to our store, so we if you have a specific idea or request, get in touch with us on our contact form and we’ll work on it together.

Each website & e-commerce package has its own specified after-launch support criteria. Please consult the details of each package to know how much time you have to request help and support after your site launches.

Our website is currently in Euros (€).

We accept all major credit cards as payment for our services.

After you buy a service (or services) from us through our website, you will receive an order confirmation right away. Within 24 hours, you will receive an official invoice from us from Freshbooks, with all the details of your order. If you paid a deposit for an item (such as a website package for example), your Freshbooks invoice will show the remaining amount that is left to pay upon completion.

We’ll also personally contact you and follow up with you on your order, and discuss any details if necessary. Don’t worry, not everything is automated! We’re still real people here!

We understand that sometimes payments cannot be made all at once. We offer an instalment plan for selected services over €3000. Contact us and let us know if you want to discuss this in detail.

We can only issue refunds on services that we have not yet started working on. If you changed your mind within 48 hours of a purchase, let us know, and we’ll gladly refund you!