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Cathy found me after browsing through the Green Beaver website. She loved the whole natural & illustrated feel that I had created for their website, and wanted to have something similar for her new online store.

Wheatless Wonder, or Merveilles Sans Gluten as they are called in French, is a very popular wholesale bakery that creates the most delicious fresh gluten-free breads. They supply these scrumptious breads all over Quebec and in Ontario.

Cathy wanted however to start selling Bread Mixes, which would enable consumers with gluten intolerances to bake the breads at home, whenever they wanted!

We came up with a whole new logo for the business, styled photography shots, packaging labels and a whole new bilingual e-commerce website based on Woocommerce. The website strategy included creating interactive sections on the website, such as recipes, techniques, and instructions.

Single Product Area

We wanted to have fun with this brand and give it that earthy tone that Cathy loves. We insisted to have Cathy’s super talent daughter Anne-Sophie paint these beautiful little icons that we scattered through-out the site. They added a very personal touch to a business that grew out of Cathy’s personal struggle.

In terms of the products, they are all variable products with selectable options in terms of weight or packets. We also customized the informational tabs of each product so that customers can have all of the information in one screen.

I hired Suzana to upgrade my website and add a sales platform with many skus and many levels of complication (including me!). We are thrilled with the result and I firmly believe we will have a strong online presence. Her patience knows no bounds.
Thanks Suska!


Wheatless Wonder is a local wholesale gluten-free bakery. They wanted an online store to sell their new line of bread mixes.

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