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Pajar is a family-owned fashion retailer that specializes in producing high-quality outerwear and footwear. Their Heritage brand is a luxury line of handmade boots proudly manufactured in Pajar’s very first factory, in the heart of Montreal. The boots are lined with 100% genuine sheepskin and are guaranteed to see the wearer through the harshest of winters. The Heritage line needed a high-end brand identity of its own. We worked with Pajar to craft an image that captured the richness and history that makes the Heritage products so special.

I worked directly under Suzana during my employment at Pajar Canada. As Marketing Director she proved to be an inspiring mentor to me. She holds herself with absolute professionalism towards every task and is able to provide strong leadership. Through her creative fearlessness, she was able to head the revamping of the Pajar e-commerce website, and increase the websites revenue through online marketing campaigns. She guided the rebranding of the company’s shoe lines, and professionally standardized the way the products were presented through different mediums. Always optimistic and focused at work, she contributes positively to the work environment. She is able to be patient and understanding when teaching and always encourages people around her to reach their full potential. Suzana’s organizational skills and attention to detail lead to the production of highly exceptional and outstanding work. She constantly encourages me to develop new skills and provides sound advice and guidance when I am faced with a challenge. She is a key player in any team and is someone I am honored to have worked with and learned from.


Pajar Heritage

The Pajar Heritage brand is a luxury line of handmade sheepskin boots proudly manufactured in the heart of Plateau in Montreal. We created the branding identity and all marketing collateral for the brand.