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L’Atelier 55 Vintage Furniture

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L’Atelier 55 is a beautiful collection of stores that sell unique and one of a kind vintage sculptures, furniture and artwork. They came to me with a problem, as their website was not able to handle the amount of products that they wanted to add. Additionally, it was not user friendly in the way that customers had to send an email and link to the products they wanted a quotation on.

We gave the site a nice overhaul, using the eye as a motif throughout the website. We implemented a Woocommerce add to favorites plugin and configured it to send a bulk Quotation request to the head of every department.

Behind the scenes, we integrated the website with all the major services such as Google Tags, Google Analytics, Google Seach Console, Facebook for Business and Hotjar.

We Also took care of all the web presence issues by quickly claiming and updating the many locations that they have. This includes the locations on Google as well as the Facebook pages. Standardisation of all the products, locations, images and more was the biggest challenge in this project!

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L’Atelier 55

L’Atelier is a French vintage furniture design store, who had the problem of outgrowing their previous website. We implemented a robust system that keeps all their products on AWS (Amazon Web Services), as well as an add to favorites functionality and quote generating system for faster responses.