Packaging Design • 3D Mockup & Render • Custom Illustrations

Green Beaver wanted us to redesign their existing organic handwash packaging so that it looked cohesive with the new brand, focused on the natural ingredients contained within, and stand out on the shelf.

As you probably know, The Green Beaver Company is a Canadian company, well known worldwide for it’s focus on naturally created, locally sourced and organic skin care products. We were commissioned to gradually redesign all of their packaging materials to match their new branding.

We started by creating custom hand-drawn illustrations for the flavors of cranberry, mint and lavender – commissioned beautifully by the talented Sibylline.

We used the same bottles as before and opted for a clear design so that customers can see clearly into what is in the bottle (transparency being one of the company’s values and all!) We created professional 3D renders for all the products to be displayed on their e-commerce and distribution websites.



Fresh Mint


It’s always fun to see the before and after of a redesign! Alain had these designed when he first started his company back in 1996! They were also custom illustrations, and had that very natural hand-drawn look to them. Customers loved this line, yet we felt it was time for a change – and felt the line needed a unifying look. We kept the same dielines for both the tube and the box. The blemish mousse was discontinued.

Well I come from Hawkesbury with my marketing plan on my knee,
and I’m bound for Montreal, my own true Suzana for to see.
It did snow all night the day I left, the weather was bone cold.
The sun was so bright I froze myself,
Suzana, don’t you go on and cry.
I said, oh, Suzana, now, don’t you cry for Green Beaver,
as you will make this marketing plan on my knee a better reality.

Adapted from “Oh, Susannah” by James Taylor

Over the years, we introduced a dozen different product categories from natural toothpastes, deodorants, facial products, sunscreens, etc.

We were two scientists formulating and manufacturing products. Marketing was not our forte. Our product categories all looked different from each other with very little to bring them together. It looked like there was 12 different Green Beaver companies out there ! Suzana and her team were able to capture the essence of who we are and created a look and feel that resonates with our customers. We look forward to continue working with Suzana on consumer awareness campaigns.

PS I’ve worked with major big league agencies during my time in the pharmaceutical industry. None have come close to Suzana’s work!

Alain Ménard • President at The Green Beaver Company

Green Beaver Handwash

The Green Beaver Company wanted an organic handwash packaging design that would match their playful brand. We designed the packaging with custom illustrations.